Lepcha Trails

Embark on an unforgettable journey curated by Muhaan and Moonbeam Farmstay to unravel the hidden narratives of the Lepcha people, the original inhabitants of Kalimpong. In the company of expert guides, you'll venture into remote and picturesque villages, where the allure of Lepcha culture comes to life. Your days will be filled with treks to ancient forts, captivating forest hikes, and engaging interactions with local cultural experts. Immerse yourself in the heart of Lepcha traditions, from cultural performances to shared stories by the bonfire. Accommodations in welcoming homestays and delectable Lepcha cuisine add layers of authenticity to this immersive experience.

Connect with remarkable individuals like Ren Hen Tshering Lepcha and discover their dedication to preserving culture delue into ancestral stories and explore the unspoiled beauty of Kalimpong villages.

Join us on the Lepcha Trails and become part of the enduring legacy of Kalimpong's enigmatic Lepcha culture, where meaningful explorations await.

Contact us for experiencing the one of a kind immersion travels; The Lepcha Trails.