Queen sized bed and a single bed with attached western toilet and bathroom and another Indian style toilet. We can provide for extra beds in this room
Room Information

We charge per head/ per night: Inr1800 which includes unlimited tea, breakfast, lunch, evening tea and snacks, Dinner. Anything ordered extra from the Inr1200 package will be charged extra.

Things to know before visiting us: Before you reach our farm around 700mts is not a mettled road and uphill, so we suggest our guest to bring bigger vehicles, even if someone brings a smaller vehicle we can arrange safe parking spot for the vehicles, and if somebody cannot walk we have our own farm vehicles to bring our guest to our farm.

Since our farm is located in a remote area, we suggest our guest to carry all their required goodies and essentials along with them, as there are very little or no shops in and around the farm area.

We Would love if our guest have their evening dinner before 10pm in the evening. And after that they can sit as long as they wish enjoying the night skies, silence and stars and the moon. We allow alcohol in the farm but we would be thankful if our guest don't make too much of loud noise in the night, low and slow music, soulful talks is what we prefer.

We would be really pleased if our guest throw cigarette buds and other waste items in the designated areas and reduce litter in the farm area. We would love to request our guest not to smoke inside our mud and bamboo house as it retains the scent in the mud house, so henceforth our non-smoker guests would not prefer the smell, they can smoke in the balcony which is available there in the mud house.

We have few local dogs in the farm, sometimes in the night they bark and they are very important in the security of our farm, so we thought it would be best for the guest to know this information before hand.

We don't have hot water or showers in the bathroom, everyone must use a bucket and a mug for bath, as we have less water supply so we don't waste water and if anyone asks for a bucket of hot water we can provide it for you.