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Moonbeam Farmstay is located in Nim Busty, Tunglabong,10mins ride (4kms) from the nearest town Gorubathan in Kalimpong District. Itis totally an off-beat destination, with beautiful landscapes and peacefulenvironment, one can really find calm visiting our place as its surrounded bynature and greenery. 

In our farm, we are basically doing a Multi-PurposeProject of Agricultural Farming and Animal Rearing. We also grow pure organicDarjeeling Tea and organic veggies and food crops in the farm area.

The farm is trying to go Zero waste and looking forward toimplementing Permaculture principals on the farm.

The Farm is run by the most hospitable and sincere tribe"The Lepchas", who are also known as the first tribe living in theareas of Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Sikkim, few parts of Nepal and Dooars region.

The nearest places from the farm are Sikkim, Darjeeling,Kalimpong, Nepal, Bhutan, Siliguri.


Activities on the farm:

-Tea processing unit visit in Adarsh Muna Tea.

-Bird watching.

-Village visit.

-Hike towards the Riverside and Picnic.

-Hike in the Forest.


-Organic Farming activities

-Cultural Programme, Bonfire, BBQ and Tongba (Atraditional drink made of Millets) on demand.



-Lava, Changay Falls.

-Nok Dara, Gumba Dara.

-Gorumara national park.

-Reshi and Pedong.




Nearest Railway Station: 

-New MalJunction (20kms- 35mins)

-New Jalpaiguri Junction (64kms-1hr 34mins)

Nearest Airport: 

-Bagdogra (75kms- 2hrs 6mins).


We also keep volunteers on the farm. To qualify as avolunteer one has to stay for a minimum of 7days and can extend to any periodof time further and has to work in the farm for 4-5hrs a day, and they need topay for the food, i.e: INR 500/head/night. The volunteer works include all theworks we have in the farm, like cooking, watering the flowers/veggies, workingin the greenhouse taking care of the veggies, working with the animals likefeeding and cleaning, making hand made Tea etc.


We have a total of three rooms, with 4queen sized bed, andtoilet and bathroom attached. We don't have hot water facilities in ourbathroom but if anyone demands, we can happily provide with a bucket of hotwater for the guest.


We can arrange for pick and drop vehicles. And around700meters reaching our farm is not a mettled road so we suggest guest to bringBigger vehicles travelling to our farm and if a car cannot reach our farm we dohave safe parking spaces as well. 

We expect our guest to not litter around in the farm andnot to leave plastic wastes while returning from the farm.

We allow smoking in the farm, and we would be happy if onesmokes in the smoking area and not to throw cigarette buds in the farm exceptin the ashtray and smoking is not allowed in our Earth-Home.

We allow drinking on the farm but making too much of noiseafter 10 pm is not acceptable.

We have dogs in our farm, and they play a very vital rolein the security of the farm so they may bark at the night, so if someone hasproblems with it, they should know it before-hand.

The farm is far from the town so while visiting the farmone should carry all the personal goodies one needs for themselves as we don'thave many shops around the farm.


Our Rates:

INR 1200/head/night, including three meals.

No charges for children below 10years.

It excludes travel cost and extra charges for Culturalshow, BBQ, Bonfire, Tongba.

Extra charges for a bucket of Hot water.



INR 500/head/night, 7days stay compulsory, can extendafter 7days and need to work 4-5hrs in the farm.