Hike to The Mecheoung (Medicine Water-Dabaipani)

Our elders in the Farmstay narrate stories about how our ancestors used to visit the medicine water and carve wooden bathtubs out of a tree trunk, unhurriedly fill it up with clean river water, and build a huge fire to heat the river stones.

Subsequently, the hot stones were put down inside the wooden bathtub.

Along with the fresh water and hot stones, a jug filled with medicine water was poured into the bathtub.

Then they used to take a long soak in the bathtub, stimulating detoxification and healing.

That was later on followed by hot vegetable soups and local chicken soups. 

The therapy healed them from numerous ailing sicknesses of the mind, body and soul.

At the start of 2023, Namsa Rimpochea did a three-month meditation at the premises of the Mecheoung and after the completion of his meditation he bestowed the place with his abundance of blessings,

he built a chorten, insense burning space, and a small pond and properly maintained and preserved the surrounding areas of the Mecheoung.

The hike towards the Mecheoung is a smooth and peaceful one, and the immaculate waters of Kali-Khola purely add up to the healing process.

Join us on our exciting & meaningful hikes 😊.

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